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Few people know how integral chemicals are to our every-day lives, on any given day a person may encounter thousands of chemicals, many of which are indispensable for a healthy life, including esters, salts, hydrocarbons, acids and oxides. We must also remember humankinds first cleaning chemical, a natural universal solvent, dihydrogen oxide, or commonly known as water.

Thembane Chemicals offers an extensive selection of chemicals focusing on specialised laboratory chemicals, range of cleaning chemicals and industrial chemicals. We also supply consumables, glassware and other laboratory equipment making us uniquely placed to satisfy a broad spectrum of needs.

Unlike many other suppliers, we purposefully refrain from offering an online store for chemical products. Why? Because we believe in establishing genuine connections with our valued customers, enabling us to truly comprehend their unique requirements and deliver tailored chemical solutions that exceed expectations.

We firmly believe that exceptional service goes beyond a simple online transaction. At Thembane Chemicals, we strive to build genuine partnerships built on trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to success.

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Laboratory Chemicals

The laboratory is a room or facility in which conditions can be controlled in order to carry-out important scientific and technological research, experiments and measurements. The laboratory chemicals used is one variable which can reliably be controlled through the procurement of quality laboratory chemicals, available from Thembane.

Our laboratory products include deionized water, reagents, spectroscopy standards, chromatography solvents (GC and HPLC), purity grades (AAR, CP). Our chemicals are available in various grades and are supplied in a range of volumes and weights, to suit customer expectations. Laboratory chemicals are supplied with relevant certificates of analysis (COA’s), and Material Data |Safety Sheets (MSDS’s).

Laboratory Chemical offerings:

  • Deionized Water – Water with ALL mineral ions removed
  • Reagents – Used for quality control, research and development
  • Spectroscopy Standards – Determines the composition and impurity profile of metals and metal alloys
  • Chromatography Solvents – Measures the relative proportions of analytes in a mixture.
  • Purity Grades (AAR, CP) – Both Analysed Analytical Reagent (AAR) and Chemically Pure (CP) grades available
  • Certificates of Analysis – Both MSDS and COA

Cleaning Chemicals

Around 2200 BC, the ancient Babylonians accidentally found a way to improve water’s cleaning power. Water had been used to clean cooking utensils that were covered in animal fat and wood ash. By combining these three substances, they inadvertently created the world’s first soap. Throughout history ancient people utilised various additives to water for their cleaning needs, including vegetable oils, alkaline salts, clay, sand pumice and ashes.

Modern cleaning is made simple through the variety of cleaning chemicals and equipment available. Thembane Chemicals supplies cleaning chemicals ranging from air fresheners to highly alkaline chlorinated detergents and sanitisers, common soaps and detergents, specialised disinfectant, and strong caustic, oxidising chemicals and acid cleaning products. Thembane can supply the best-suited chemicals for your cleaning applications.

Thembane, in our bid to contribute to the “Green Economy” also have access to suppliers who wholly focus on supplying environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals. These products and prices are available on request.

A full catalogue is available on request.

The Clean Green Caddy

The Clean Green Caddy is a revolutionary cleaning kit designed to provide an effective and environmentally friendly solution for maintaining cleanliness in homes, offices, and other spaces. This innovative kit harnesses the power of safe and sustainable chemicals to ensure a clean and healthy environment while minimizing harm to both humans and the planet.

Key Industrial Chemicals

There are thousands of industrial chemicals. Some are used to make consumer goods, others to create energy, and some are even used in the production of other industrial chemicals.

At Thembane Chemicals, the focus with Industrial Chemicals is on the most common chemicals that contribute significantly to the industrial manufacturing sector.

Embracing Our Social Responsibility

At Thembane Chemicals, we take our social responsibility seriously. As part of our commitment to fostering a brighter future, we have introduced the Chemistry in Action Kits (CIA) program in public schools.

These innovative kits provide hands-on learning experiences that engage and inspire children in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

By piloting CIA in schools, we aim to bridge the educational gap and ignite a passion for learning among young minds. Through these kits, we empower students to explore the wonders of chemistry, enabling them to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

Together, we are nurturing the next generation of scientists and innovators, laying the foundation for a more prosperous and sustainable world.