Chemistry in Action - V4

Chemistry in Action – V4 is an NPC focussed on inspiring and igniting learner passion for science and science-related subjects in schools across Africa.

We have developed a box set (CiA kit) of curriculum aligned chemical experiments that Grade 8 & 9 learners can do themselves and make an informed decision about pursuing a career in science.

Helping each learner experience the wonders of Chemistry for themselves!

Grades 8 and 9 can conduct their own chemistry experiments and thereby improve their knowledge and interest in chemistry.

The toolkit contributes to eliminating the disadvantage of lack of laboratories in most South African schools.

By virtue of its design and instruction also eliminates any skill or experience shortcomings on the part of anyone supervising or teaching the class.

Can be produced in multiple languages, thereby supporting government initiatives to have pupils taught in their mother tongue.

Pilot Study at Gauteng Schools


Find out more about the Chemistry in Action Kit and purchase online for your students today.

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Collaborate with us

Help us ensure that every student has access to the best quality education to enable them to make informed career choices. Let’s work together to produce more Science professionals from the African continent and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals intended to transform our world for the future!


In the pursuit of our common goal, being the improvement of STEM education in South Africa, we would like to explore ways in which we can possibly partner with your organisation. It should be noted that the programs will run through the NGO arm of the V4 Group, ensuring the provision of Section 18A certificates to participating companies.

Meet the Chemistry-In-Action Board


Viloshnee is an accomplished business development consultant and geologist with over 20 years of experience in the mining and minerals industry. She has held senior positions in some of the leading mining companies in the country, where she was responsible for strategizing, implementing, and managing various aspects of the business.


Her expertise includes over a decade of experience in business development throughout the African region, with a deep understanding of international sales and business strategies. Currently, she is the CEO of Thembane Chemicals, a chemical trading company, and the Founder of V4 Group, a business consultancy.


Additionally, she is the Founder of Chemistry in Action-V4, a social impact non-profit organization that focuses on the education sector in South Africa.


Maya is an experienced professional in private equity investing and corporate strategy, who is passionate about impact investing.


Most of her life has been spent in southern Africa. She was an Associate Partner at Caleo Capital, based in Johannesburg, and now works part-time as a Deal Advisor in their USA office while pursuing a master’s degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management at Georgetown University. Maya founded Womvest, a platform that encourages women’s participation in the investment ecosystem while living in Johannesburg.


She has a BCom Honours in Finance from the University of British Columbia and completed the Oxford Saïd Business School Impact Finance Innovations Program. She is also an alumna of the AVPA: Africa-Asia Impact Investing Fellowship.


Irene has over 10 years of experience as a Social Worker and has been the CEO of Agisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training (ADAPT) since 2001. She holds a BA degree in Social Work, a BA Honors degree in Social Work, and an MA in Social Sciences (Community Development). She is also an accredited facilitator, assessor, and moderator registered with the HWSETA.


Ms. Khumalo has trained volunteers, educators, learpers, and other organizations on basic counseling, trauma counseling, gender-based violence prevention, gender sensitivity, and assertiveness training. She has also helped to develop, proofread, and edit gender-based violence and human rights documents and reading material produced by ADAPT. Ms. Khumalo is an expert in employee wellness programs and has worked with various organizations in the field.


In 2002, she received the National Human Rights and Democracy Award in the Gender Category on behalf of ADAPT.


We have a dynamic team of individuals ranging from recently qualified graduates to stalwarts within industry.

The competencies of the team cover all aspects to run a successful business i.e., Strategy, Technical, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Graphic Design, Logistics and Administration.

All team members have a common objective, to make a difference in the education sector of South Africa.